Eyepiece Accessories

  1. Eyepiece Adapter DK-18

    Eyepiece Adapter DK-18


    Enables attachment of Eyepiece Magnifier DG-2 to the camera’s eyepiece. The DK-18 is for cameras with a circular eyepiece. Learn More
  2. Magnifying Eyepiece DK-17M

    Magnifying Eyepiece DK-17M


    Attached to a camera, the DK-17M magnifies the finder image approx. 1.2x. Learn More
  3. Right Angle Viewing Attachment DR-5

    Right Angle Viewing Attachment DR-5


    With this attachment, the viewfinder image is viewed at right angles (via the built-in roof prism) to the camera's optical axis - a feature that is very convenient when shooting from low (or high) viewpoints, or when normal finder viewing is proving difficult, as can be the case in close-up work or photomicrography. Compatible with the following Nikon D-SLR Cameras: D2H / D2Hs / D2X / D2Xs / D3 / D3s / D3X / D700. Learn More
  4. Rubber Eyecup DK-19

    Rubber Eyecup DK-19


    DK-19 Rubber Eyecup for DK-17, DK-17A and DK-17C. Increase viewing comfort and prevent stray light from entering viewfinder and washing out contrast. Compatible with the following Nikon SLR Cameras: D2H / D2Hs / D2X / D2Xs / D3 / D3s / D3x / D700 / F6. Learn More
  5. Rubber Eyecup DK-20

    Rubber Eyecup DK-20


    Improves viewing comfort and prevents stray light from entering the viewfinder and diminishing contrast.
    Minimizes the amount of stray light that enters the viewfinder.
    Eyepiece shield made from comfortable soft rubber.
    Compatible With; D3200, D5200, D3000, D3100 and D5100
    Learn More
  6. Rubber Eyecup DK-23

    Rubber Eyecup DK-23


    Replacement eyecup for the Nikon D300 DSLR camera. Learn More

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